Who We Are

JFAMC - Jobs For American Medical Coders - was founded by Pam Kulczar as an answer as to how to find (and keep) American medical coding and billing jobs here in the United States.

Since its inception just two years ago, JFAMC has seen its membership grow to nearly 19,000 people in a Facebook group and it's continuing to grow. Membership includes medical coders, billers, practice managers, practice management consultants, LPNs, RNs, and students who believe that American health information belongs in the hands of those who reside in the United States.

To accommodate the needs of this growing membership, Pam has asked a few of the faithful to help moderate and build, tasking each with her vision.  As a result of the winning combination and with the limitations of Facebook, this website was created. The goal is to bring like-minded groups of people together for growth, friendship and career advancement. Age, skin color, nationality and religion are unimportant; the only restriction as that each member must live in the United States, one of its territories, or live/serve on a United States military base.


Privacy Policy:

You may view our Privacy Policy here: http://www.jfamc.org/privacy-policy