Virtually every new person enters the medical coding field expecting to make an ‘above-average salary while working at home’. Unfortunately, that is not REALITY for many new coders!

Over the past decade, and particularly in the pre-ICD-10-implementation phase, new coders routinely needed at least at 12-18 months to secure their first employment opportunity. That changed ‘pre-ICD-10’.

During the immediate run-up to ICD-10 implementation, there were ‘rumors’ that high percentages of existing coders would likely ‘retire’ rather than learn the new system.

By and large, those rumors have proven to be incorrect; the coding world has calmed down considerably in the aftermath!

The pre-ICD-10 implementation frenzy has given many coders and prospective coders ‘unrealistic expectations’.

Graduating with ‘multiple job offers’, making $30hr or more at first positions with maximum benefits simply are NOT the way things work in normal situations.

______________________________________________ “Went to conference last year and the speaker said that a lot of companies are outsourcing their coding because then the companies do not have to deal with struggles of finding on-site employees, high salary demands from unqualified yet certified people and sense of entitlement demands. If you have zero coding experience and get your CPC that does not mean you will automatically start making the big bucks!!!

Why do you think so many companies pay by the chart??”

~~J.F. ______________________________________________


Apparently, ‘everyone knows someone’ who is Working from Home…making Good Money…and taking the kids to school every day! That’s great for them…and YES! Some people do have that situation. Not as many as you think…but a few do!!


We’ve all seen the Supermarket tabloids and the magazines in every hair salon that have advertisements with Mom holding the adorable child on her lap at the kitchen table with the headline — ‘YOU TOO, CAN MAKE $50,000 A YEAR DOING BILLING FOR YOUR DOCTOR’.  9 times out of 10…this is a LIE!! (and, sadly, these advertisers know it!) They will happily have you pay them thousands of dollars for ‘training’ that will contribute nothing towards a viable career for you!! (The ONLY ones making any money will be the Misleading Advertisers!)

*** RUN…Do Not Walk away from these Shysters!***


With proper training, from a legitimate school, along with appropriate Credentials, and Determination, Persistence and Patience YOU CAN begin a Fine Career in this field! Look in our page called “JDocs” and also the FAQ section for some valuable information our members have shared.

Do your homework, ask the right questions, talk with people who are already in this industry, do your Due Diligence!

By being here, you’ve already started your journey in the right place.

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