TIPS and HINTS from Current Coding/Hiring Managers

TIPS and HINTS from Current Coding/Hiring Managers

TIPS and HINTS from Current Coding/Hiring Managers!

ATTITUDE  on the part of a prospective applicant can have a significant impact on how that applicant is regarded throughout the hiring process.

YES!  I do realize that it can be difficult to project a positive, upbeat attitude on the ‘100th interview’.  It’s a CHALLENGE!

It’s a CHALLENGE that you, as an applicant, need to figure out how to conquer…if you want to be hired!


RESPECT…Showing Respect to the people with whom you are interviewing and interacting in an employment situation, can go a long way to how your experience goes.   It’s one thing to go in displaying confidence in your abilities.  It’s quite another to go in with a ‘cocky attitude’!   There may be a ‘fine line’ between the two…but it’s a ‘line’ you need to determine if you want to be successful!


EXAMPLE: I know a young man, who’s in a different profession;  he’s Very Skilled in his work and Very Detail-Oriented.  He’s GOOD!

The problem is that he “KNOWS” he’s good!  His ‘confidence’ has turned to ‘cockiness’, and it’s hurt him in more than one potential employment situation.  Perhaps  you also know people like that!

This young man has told me on more than one occasion,  ‘Showing ‘respect’ to people you don’t respect is HYPOCRITICAL!’  In his particular situation, he has made it abundantly clear that he respects NO ONE!


I will Respectfully DISAGREE!

Sometimes, you ‘need’ to do what you need to do, in order to get a job!  Once you have the job, you can always look for another, if you believe the ‘culture/environment’ isn’t one you can work within on a daily basis!  It’s much easier to ‘get a job’ when you’re already employed!

In my estimation … SHOWING RESPECT and BEING RESPECTFUL is simply GOOD MANNERS!  It’s also expected in many/most employment situations.

I’ve received some ‘suggestions’ from some current Hiring Deciders.  This is a Re-Cap of some TIPS I’ve posted on the main JFAMC FB group!

  • Please do not Private Message your potential employer, as it may go to the ‘Message Request Folder’ and they may not see it.
  • Please do not address your future employer as “love, hon, sweetie,   girl, or dude.”
  • Please refrain from using ‘slang’ in an interview situation.
  • Please do not text or email after hours or on the weekend and expect an answer and then continue to message on Facebook.  It’s the weekend.  They like to have a break … just like everyone else.
  • Proper follow up after taking an assessment is a minimum of 48 hours.
  • E-mailing twice a day to see if ‘we’ve heard anything’ only clogs up their inbox.
  • Keep in mind that you are not the only candidate.  Companies get hundreds of emails daily so it does take time to go through every one and get all the applicants sorted out.
  • Make it a practice to STAND when the Interviewer enters the room.  It’s the RESPECTFUL thing to do!

I will acknowledge that RESPECT is frequently a TWO-WAY Street!

It can be challenging to SHOW RESPECT in a situation where the management and/or staff doesn’t always reciprocate.   I still recommend you DO YOUR BEST to SHOW RESPECT.  When it becomes ‘intolerable’…then you may need to ‘walk away’.  Hopefully, you will have had time and opportunity to line up a new position before that’s necessary.


A-L-L of these contribute to a SUCCESSFUL EXPERIENCE in your Job Search!


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