STAFFING AGENCIES … an Explanation

STAFFING AGENCIES … an Explanation

Staffing Agencies, such as ‘MedPartnersHIM’, ‘Comforce’, ‘Harmony Solutions’, ‘Peak’, ‘HIMagines’, etc., have CLIENTSFacilities, Clinics, Providers — who pay BIG $$$$ to those staffing agencies to find QUALIFIED, EXPERIENCED Medical Coding and HIM Professionals to work on specific projects;

**fill-in for vacation time, or sick employees’;

**help resolve a ‘back-log’;


**whatever their specific need may be.

The CLIENT is in control of who they hire and what specific credentials, experience, and familiarity with systems/softwares,  as specified by  ‘The Client’ for their particular project.

If  their contract specifies that the Client requires   3 AHIMA-credentialed coders with 5 years of Trauma Surgery experience,  then the Staffing Firm will not be able to submit a resume for a CPC-A for those positions.

Neither can the Staffing Agency place Fo) AHIMA-Credentialed Coders on that project, since the Client is only going to pay for Three (3) AHIMA-Credentialed Coders….and they can’t submit an AAPC Credentialed Coder without Special Permission ‘from The Client’!

***The One Who Holds The Gold  …  Makes the Rules!***

In these situations  …  THE CLIENT holds the Gold!

As much as a Recruiter may WANT to place a CPC-A on a project, the Staffing Agencies and their Recruiters are BOUND by the Terms of the Contract with those Clients!!


***Occasionally, some Staffing Agencies may take over the entire operation for a Client, from testing, hiring, payroll, etc.   That ‘may’ allow a bit more latitude for the Staffing Agency; however, there are still *client requirements* that must be met.***

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