Within the JFAMC groups  … We do our VERY BEST to deal in REALITY!

It may seem harsh, but REALITY frequently comes with some Scrapes and Scratches;  even some Bumps and Bruises!

Some schools/training programs sold their clients/students a ‘Bill of Goods’ when they gave ‘guarantees’ that you could take this ‘fantastical 3-month course’ and:



…MAKE GREAT MONEY, right out of the gate!


…Employers are WAITING In LINE to hire you!


These schools/programs can ‘get away with’ these misleading statements because, in fact, a few people DO actually get jobs with a good hourly wage and a few even work from home!

I have nothing but compassion for the people who ‘fell for’ these advertising  and marketing fantasies!


The MAJORITY of employers DO NOT consider Medical Coding as an ‘entry-level position’!

YES!! Some people with exceptional Pre-Assessment Test Scores DO get hired ‘right out of school’! Some people, who ‘know’ the ‘right people’ at the ‘right time’ may get a position right out of school! (It DOES Happen!)

But, be aware … there are more people who ‘speak of it happening’ than there are actual documented instances of it happening!


…As technology advances, Remote/Work-at-home jobs are becoming more prevalent.

However, not every employer has EMBRACED the idea of allowing their employees to ‘work remotely’!


…With advancing Technology, comes the REALITY of allowing these jobs to be done anywhere in the world! This has enabled companies/facilities to OFF-SHORE work to countries where cost-of-living is much less expensive than in the USA and therefore wages are much lower than what US employees need/expect!


… Usually, in order to secure a good-paying job in this industry, you will NEED more than a ‘certificate of completion’ or even a ‘diploma’!

You will need a CREDENTIAL from a Credentialing Organization, such as AHIMA or AAPC.

I know of NO companies who hire remote workers in this industry without a Nationally Recognized Credential from either AAPC or AHIMA  or other credentialing organization.

Occasionally, someone finds a non-credentialed position with a local clinic or facility, generally with the stipulation that they obtain their credential within a specified amount of time!


…PRACTICODE is a great educational tool to keep your skills sharp and remove the ‘A’ from your credential!

However, in the Real World,  it DOES NOT count as JOB EXPERIENCE!

An employer may look on it favorably as evidence of your determination to keep your skills sharp, and as an educational pursuit. But, in the majority of cases, it WILL NOT count as WORK EXPERIENCE! (Your resume demonstrates your past Employment Experience!)


…Apprentice-Level Credentials ARE NOT appropriate for every job nor are they acceptable to every employer!


… Regardless of the cute depictions of the perfectly dressed and coiffured lady working at the kitchen table with the toddler and puppy playing  contentedly at her feet that the advertisements love to show when they’re pulling in ‘victims’ of their predatory programs, REALITY is almost never reflected in those pretty, stylized pictures.

Many companies and clients who offer Remote Work, now include clauses in their contracts that expressly ‘require’ the employee to provide Dependent-Care arrangements.  Meaning:  You ‘must’ secure a sitter or care-giver for small children or care-dependent family members while you’re working.

Some companies go so far as to do ‘spot checks’ and ‘home visits’ to verify that their employees are complying with these requirements as well as HIPAA-compliant work spaces!

~~ More and more are doing this, and including these clauses within the Employment Contract! ~~

They do this BECAUSE when they hire you, you are supposed to ‘be working’!!   Not changing the baby … or getting the toddler out of the sewing basket for the 10th time…or assisting your elderly relative!

The EMPLOYER expects you to be working!


In order to keep your job, you MUST meet or exceed those standards, along with passing periodic audit reviews.

It can be VERY DIFFICULT to meet those requirements when you’re distracted with small children or care-dependent family members of any age!


YES!   Some people have been hired ‘right out of the box’!

Some people have been hired and worked with no credential/no experience.

Some people have worked remotely with small children and/or dependent family members.

Each of these instances HAS HAPPENED … in isolated instances!!

NONE of these ‘REGULARLY HAPPEN in 2018’!

The BEST we can do is provide you with Job Leads, Job Helps, Encouragement, Support, etc.

I’m SORRY if any of this sounds harsh!

… but in R-E-A-L-I-T-Y


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