No Experience?

How often do we hear this?  How often have we said this?

These are true stories and tips shared from our members who have overcome or who are overcoming the “no job because no experience because no job” challenges.

Read about the challenges, the secrets, the tips to nabbing your first job after you’ve taken your tests, gotten your certifications and are finally ready to face the world of billing and/or coding.

Hopefully, these posts will give some ideas on how you can jump-start your own career.  It worked for them, will it work for you?

Thanks to all who have so graciously shared their stories with us!

STAFFING AGENCIES … an Explanation

Staffing Agencies, such as ‘MedPartnersHIM’, ‘Comforce’, ‘Harmony Solutions’, ‘Peak’, ‘HIMagines’, etc., have CLIENTS — Facilities, Clinics, Providers — who pay BIG $$$$ to those staffing agencies...

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WHY do Employers Require Experience?

WHY do Employers generally REQUIRE a minimum of 3-5 YEARS or more EXPERIENCE for Medical Coders?? Some SPECIALTY CODERS  (Transplant Surgery, Trauma, Cardio, Hem/Onc, etc,) may well be required to have even 6-8 years of Experience! AND…most employers,...

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~Encouragement~Testimonies ~Ideas~etc. Most everyone is aware that Medical Office Jobs were much easier to get 30+ years ago!   The CODING part was just really getting ‘revved up’ along about then; Credentialing Organizations (AAPC, AHIMA, PMIC) were all getting...

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EXPECTATIONS vs. REALITY Let’s examine a ‘few areas’ where EXPECTATIONS   CRASH  into REALITY! ~~~~~ Getting a JOB    vs   What Counts as Experience!    EXPECTATION:   You take your coding/billing course.  You graduate.  You obtain a Coding Credential from a...

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Coding Pathways #6 ~~~ from Housekeeping to Coding

CODING PATHWAYS #6  ~~~  from Housekeeping to Coding  … by:  Angelica Castro, CPC   Hello, my name is Angelica Castro, CPC and I would like to tell you how my life changed when I found a career in coding. I did not graduate high school and had my first...

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CODING PATHWAY  #5 ~~ from College Onward

 by: ~Laniece Owens, COC, CHCAF, CHCA, CDI, HBA~ ` I started right out of college, in 1984, as a secretary in Radiology in Florida;  learned anatomy and coding on the job.    At that time, there were no Coding Certifications. `Then the military moved us to California...

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CODING PATHWAY #4 — Billing to Coding to Educator!

CODING PATHWAY #4 —  Billing to Coding to Educator!  by:  Denise Mikulas, CPC I have been certified for just about 2 years now!  (CPC). I was new to the career after completing a training program and passing the CPC…that means I had the “dreaded...

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CODING PATHWAY #3 — Waitress to Receptionist to Owner

Coding Pathways ~~ #3 – Waitress to Receptionist to Owner   ` I have a CPC credential through AAPC and here is my story: `1) How did you overcome the NO EXPERIENCE hurdle? I was approached and given the opportunity to work as a Medical Receptionist with no experience...

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CODING PATHWAY #2   &  A COVER LETTER TIP! ~~~~~~~~ I’ve been working as a coder for just 5 years. This is my Second Career and I went back to school in my late ’60s to learn to code after the market crash of 2008 and my IRA tanked. So blessed to be...

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CODING PATHWAY ~~ #1 ~~ Fell in Love with Coding!

CODING PATHWAY ~~ #1 ~~ Fell in Love with Coding! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My story is definitely different than most I would say. I found the medical field to be my way out financially from a horrible and abusive marriage. And then I fell in love....

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