Medical Specialty Societies

Most of the Specialty Societies are listed here.

Many of them have a special coding, revenue management, practice management, billing (pick a name) section where we can find more information about certain procedures, how to code and what to expect in terms of reimbursement.

It is unfortunate that some of these societies have taken this information, putting it under “password protection” for their physician-based membership only. ¬†They obviously do not realize the benefits of mutual partnership with billers and coders seeking information that we can’t get because we aren’t physicians, and our own physicians may not share this information with us because their financial information is included on these pages (same reason we can’t share our AAPC/AHIMA information because then others would have access to our financial info). We wish there was a better way to share.

Anyhow for authoritative reference, look to the societies when you can as they help the AMA to determine correct coding for specialty-related procedures.