LOOK WHAT WE FOUND! — Lindberg Counsel: WSJ Errors

LOOK WHAT WE FOUND! — Lindberg Counsel: WSJ Errors

Counsel For Greg Lindberg Sets The Record Straight On Numerous Errors & Inaccuracies In Recent Wall Street Journal Article

SOURCE Aaron Tobin

DALLASMarch 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Aaron Tobin, counsel to Greg E. Lindberg, issued the following statement in response to media and other inquiries regarding the February 28, Wall Street Journal article:

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article contains numerous inaccuracies and errors in fact.  As Mr. Tobin wrote to the assistant general counsel of the WSJ last night:

  • Lindberg did not “divert” $2 billion into his alleged private empire. As is the case with insurance companies, money was invested. Diverted misleads the public and implies wrongdoing, and there has been no wrongdoing found.

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