JFAMC — TIP of the DAY — #28

JFAMC — TIP of the DAY — #28


(from a long-time JFAMily group member!)

“Good morning, Job Seekers! This (JOBS for American Medical Coders FB group) is a wonderful site for finding job posts! And it is also a wonderful resource for job hunting tips!

There have been hints that some who are new to searching for jobs in medical coding find the tips and hints to be “hostile” toward newbies. I have been following the page for months now. As a seasoned coder, the hints and tips that I have seen are realistic and designed to make your job search easier.

It may be difficult to hear that every e-mail you send, and every social media post you make should be professional. Coding is a very professional job. You don’t have to “up your game” to get a job at McDonald’s. I believe everyone has seen that it can be difficult to break into coding without any experience.

Every job tip that I have seen, including posting in a professional manner are designed to help you increase your chances of getting a job. The seasoned coders on this site have a “heart” for helping coders – new and old-  obtain a good job position.

When you read something that seems like it is hard to adapt to, or that seems critical, try to step back.  Assess whether this is a valid job tip.  There may be an occasional job tip that is specific to one person.  Most of the ones posted are pretty universal for this industry.  Assess whether you want to go that far to get a job.  No one is intending to insult new coders.  Ask questions.   But also show initiative!

If you are truly interested in a coding job, you can find a lot of information by doing Google searches.

Good luck, job seekers!”

H/T~~ Karen C.

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