JFAMC — TIP of the DAY — #20

JFAMC — TIP of the DAY — #20

JFAMC — TIP of the DAY

… from a Job Reviewer’s comment in the Main FB group … 

Just a friendly reminder and a tip for job hunters. I’ve been screening resumes and doing the initial interview for a position at our company for the past month. I know everyone is aware of this already but aside from your work experience & education, we keep an eye on your resume for spelling errors, punctuations and capitalizations. (My job posting requires attention to detail, critical thinking and strong computer skills)

Also, how you correspond via email is vital. I had a couple of potential candidates whose resumes were perfectly done but when they responded to my email, not so much anymore.

If I get an email back with one-liners stating, “Yeah, interested.” Or “How much is the pay?” These go to my ‘NO folder’ as well.

Please be mindful and respectful.  Show professionalism.  Again, check for spelling errors and write in complete sentences.

You worked so hard to earn your credential. Do not jeopardize your chances of getting hired by making silly mistakes.    (h/t Mary Y.)


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