Everyone loves a success story.  Here are just a few of ours.

If you have your own JFAMC success story, please feel free to add your own here!  We love to share!

Lisa & Bob M.

My wife, Lisa, found the JFAMC FaceBook page about 7-8 months ago. At that time we had been graduated from our HITT 2-year course for a year. Job hunting had not gone well at all, and we had just about given up trying to get into coding.
Boy did this page change things!

Within a couple of hours of Lisa’s first post on JFAMC, we had our first recruiter contact, and in a week’s time, WE HAD A JOB!!!
Granted, it was a contract position, but it was our first break into coding! We were so excited and determined to make the absolute best of this chance.

Well, it started today. After 6-7 months of hard work, Lisa and I just finished our first day as full time employees!
It can happen!

Thanks so much, Pam and the rest of the Admins of JFAMC for helping these 2 newbies reach their goal!





This web site really has all the information and facts I wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask. gcekefbckfekbccc




I got my first HCC remote coding job through jobs for American Medical Coders and it is been a resource of invaluable measure of networking with other recruiters, places that are looking for new coders, and just the overall wonderful support from everywhere that you get on this page it is just a true blessing.


Dawn Mattei

Almost one year to the day that I started school for coding, I signed the paperwork to accept a coding role at a teaching hospital!

Right out of coding school I went after a remote Seasonal Risk Adjustment coding position. 3 months in to my HCC role, I was contacted by a recruiter for a local hospital. The hospital has been looking for a season coder, but couldn’t find the right fit so they allowed the recruiter to look for an apprentice. I worked my “A” off last year, but still didn’t have a lot of experience. The recruiter & the hospital were willing to meet with me, and we all fell in love with one another! What I don’t have in experience, they are willing to teach!

Never give up! And keep all your online resumes updated. You never know who’s looking!


Two years ago, I found my next job due to JFAMC. Previously I had been applying on various company websites ,which felt so impersonal and didn’t always yield results. But JFAMC offered the contact information of individual recruiters instead and that helped me land my last job after a four day job search!. THANK YOU JFAMC!!


J. O.

First let me thank you again for your group, JFAMC. You have helped me and I am sure many many others!

Let me elaborate on my personal experience:

In January 2016 I was working an hour away from home in my first certified coding position. I was very grateful for the position and was gaining very valuable experience, however, my 80 year old grandmother was babysitting my then 15 month old baby and every day I worried about both of their safety. I am not someone who has ever utilized daycare and couldn’t afford it even if I wanted to so I made that tough decision to leave my baby with someone I trusted every day.

I was presented with a remote coding opportunity. I thought this was the breakthrough I had been praying for. I was apprehensive about leaving my full-time permanent onsite position, but after prayer and research I accepted the remote position. To my surprise though, only two weeks after starting the new remote position the contract fell through and I was laid off. I was distraught and so mad at myself for leaving my on site position.

How could I have been so naive? I had not received a paycheck in a while, I did not meet the 3 week work requirement for Ohio unemployment and my family was in a serious bind. I did not know what to do.
Then my coworker suggested Jobs for American Medical Coders.

I sent my request to join the Jobs for American Medical Coders group and Pam promptly approved my request. With no time to sit around feeling sorry for myself, I looked at the Remote Coder Employers list in the files on the groups page and began applying to everywhere I possibly could

I saw a post where someone listed their recruiter they were working with for a position they received. I contacted that recruiter and I was able to secure employment within 2 days of receiving my layoff notice! That never would have been possible if it were not for the JFAMC group.

I am so grateful for each and every professional in our group and their
willingness to help one another. Coders really are the nicest people and that is just one of the many reasons I am pleased I chose a career in this wonderful field.

J. O.


I would just like to take a minute to say that I am beyond grateful and blessed.

It’s the New Year, 2018,  and in 2 weeks I will start my ‘Dream Job’ doing HEDIS, HCC Coding, and Auditing, which I found here in the JFAMC group.

My office will be at home!

I  found my current job here on JFAMC and my new job is going to be with the SAME Company!!

Even more than that, I get to marry the most wonderful man this year…I never thought I would get to this point.

Thank you to JFAMC, especially the Admins/Moderators for being there for us and reminding us to stay Positive!

I hope everyone is as blessed as I am this year (and always!)

B. H.

I joined Jobs for American Medical Coders almost 1 year ago. I came here because I had graduated in 2013, gotten my CPC-A in 2014, and was having a hard time finding anyone to hire me, whether it be coding or in any other type of medical office roll and I felt like the farther I got away from my graduation and Certification dates the harder it was going to be to get looked as for employment. I sat back for a while and did not make any comments or ask any questions, I just watched, and I realized that this was a special group of people that have gone through or are going through the same career issues as myself and that the people are here to guide, encourage, share, educate, cheer on, and even pray for one another.

I have never been a part of such a caring group of people. There is so much information being passed along whether it be from recruiters, fellow members, page moderators, instructors, and the loads of files there are to peruse for information; from places that hire remote coders, places that hire CPC-A, guidance of resume writing, and the list goes on.

Through this page I was able to take a Risk Adjustment class with another company. I plan on practicing with the chart reviews and using the CRC study resources so that I can sit for the CRC Certificate with AAPC, but in the mean time because of this page I have found employment. It took a while, but it happened, so for anyone that has thought about giving up, or has had family or friends try to tell you to just give up, it’s not going to happen. DON’T listen to them. Never give up. If this is what you want, don’t give up. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS.

B. H.

D. K.

I remember joining in the spring of 2015, while still a student. This group helped me find the IOD Coder Development Program! I started in July of 2015, managed to complete the program and coded for them until July of 2016.

I left for my current employer and am making more money now than I ever have! I am 49 years old. I have just been promoted to my first auditing position. This group and the amazing women who have selflessly helped me along the way have changed the lives of my children forever. I can now provide for them in a way I was never able to before. I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m forever grateful and blessed beyond words!

Making the human connection got me my first coding job!

I passed my CPC in November of 2017 and was looking for a job. I sent out 50 to 70 resumes a day and would get no response from anyone. Two months had gone by, and I was getting very discouraged. You see, this was a career change for me, going from the legal world to the medical world, and I had no experience in the medical world other than a few things I had learned along the way in the legal field. I had done office jobs for years and years so I figured someone would hire me because of that experience. But I just kept getting no response.

About two months into my search, I actually found a promising opening on the Jobs For American Medical Coders’ website. I immediately sent my resume by email, and to my surprise, I actually received an email back from the Human Resources Director letting me know the positions were filled. I replied back just to thank her for letting me know since I hadn’t heard back from anyone else I had sent resumes to. She responded back, letting me know that I could take a test and have all my information on file when new positions opened. I jumped at that chance. While filling out some of the paperwork, I had a question and I picked up the phone and called the person who sent me the paperwork. She was unavailable, but I left her a voicemail. The next day she called me to answer my question, and we started talking about coding, starting a new career later in life without experience. The phone call went on for about 15 minutes with her giving me some suggestions and just listening to what I was going through. And that was it. My test and paperwork were on file.

About a month went by and I received a call from the Human Resources Director saying there was an opening and I needed to check my email immediately and set up an interview. Apparently my talk with the other employee really made an impression on her. She remembered me months later when it was time to hire someone.

To sum it up, they both told me if I hadn’t reached out and called, they would not have remembered me or given me a second thought. I have been working for this company since February. I started as a Data Specialist, and within six weeks I was moved up to a Coding Specialist. It is a remote job, and it has been a wonderful experience. It’s everything I ever wanted. I certainly didn’t think I would get it right out of school.

I tell you this to keep your hopes up that an opportunity will present itself. If at all possible, make a connection with a person at the company -by phone is best, but email can work also. Tell your story. It makes you become human to the people hiring.

Kimberly Griffin



I have had 3 jobs and all came from this group or someone I met here that recommended me Thanks to this group I have stayed steadily employed even after 2 layoffs.



Once again I was on the hunt for a new job. My first thought was to check the jobs for American medical coders group. Of course I posted that scared post that I was available again and sure enough there was a handful of jobs posted. Thanks to Pam and all the other great people who work hard and help us coders locate jobs. They also are there to private message with concerns and personal questions. It can get very confusing but they have the knowledge to help. I accepted a job offer today that I found posted on the Facebook group. And I can now say for the second time I have obtained employment from that group. You all are amazing and I am so thankful to have found the group. I have 7 of us to support and we all want to thank you ?. Your all amazing and never forget what your doing does matter!

A. M.

Angela McDonough - 188x250

I was a medical transcriptionist for 23 years. I loved what I did and couldn’t imagine doing anything else until I retired.

Things changed in August 2015 when my hourly salary was cut in half. I always said it wasn’t about money because I loved what I did and not many people get to say that nowadays. I was making more money ten years ago, but I loved what I did and I was able to work remotely so I figured I would accept my salary just to be able to continue a job I enjoyed.

However, once that pay cut happened, something clicked. I refused to work for less than minimum wage. I felt my time and talent were worth more than that. It was time for a change.

I’ve known about medical coding for years since I have been working in medical offices my whole life. I took the advice of my cousin (a coder, now DRG Validator) who told me I should become a medical coder and that I would probably be really good at it since I had exposure to medical records, physicians, and knew medical terminology, A&P, etc.

I enrolled in CareerStep on August 16, 2015. I continued to work as an MT full time with a few different companies as an independent contractor. The last month of my studies, I devoted 100% to the course and preparing for the certification exams. I graduated on February 16, 2016, passed the CPC on March 12, 2016, and passed the CCS on April 13, 2016. I started looking for jobs as soon as I graduated, knowing I would be taking the CPC a few weeks after. I applied to at least 75 positions. I took multiple assessments, had some interviews and by the time I passed the certification tests I had four job offers.

I owe a lot of this to the JFAMC FaceBook group. Of the four jobs I was offered, three came from this group. One I found on Indeed.com.
I want you all to know that it can be done. I have to admit that my transcriptionist background helped me get to the “testing” stage with some positions, as I have also coded pathology as part of my job description and some companies do consider this coding experience.

However, I personally know of those who were told “no” originally, but persisted and were able to take assessments and get a position with NO medical experience. This is truth – first hand. Their job leads also came from the JFAMC group.

NETWORKING is key in my opinion. Selling yourself–the correct way is also a must. You have to let the employer know why they should choose you over someone else.

I am so grateful for Pam and the admins of JFAMC. I look forward to a long relationship and learning so much more from everyone in the group as I start my new career.

Toni Irwin, CPC-A

When I first joined the JOBS for American Medical Coders — JFAMC group on Face Book, I was just beginning to explore what being a medical coder was. Since deciding to become a part of this family—so many great things
have happened in my life.

JFAMC has opened up my eyes to the love that coders have for not just the position they hold but for one another as well. JFAMC has introduced me to people that I hold dear to my heart. It has helped me obtain a career that enables me to provide for my family.

When I felt like giving up, the support that is given on this page carried me while I could only crawl. They picked me up when I fell down.

JFAMC and their group of Admins keep us and our needs and concerns safe and in check. I could go and on about how amazing this group is but until you experience it for yourself, these are just words.

You must join this Face Book group, JOBS for American Medical Coders, so that you can feel the feelings that are shared daily.

Toni Irwin, CPC-A

K. S.

I am so happy to announce that I accepted my first Coding position today!!

I will be working at a local clinic as an Outpatient Coding Analyst.  I will work onsite until they feel I am ready to work from home so there is no set time!

I am so excited!

I have been frustrated and defeated for awhile and I am so glad I didn’t give up! I owe that all to this group of people! Everyone here at JFAMC has been so encouraging and seeing all the Success stories has made me keep going!

Thank you everyone!

So excited to start my job on February 12th!


I got a job! I’m excited! Thanks for this encouraging site, it has helped me not give up!

E. M.