Can you get a job in the Medical Coding field, with a Brand-New Certification and very little Experience?  

YES!  You Can!

There are individual instances of people, in whatever field, getting jobs IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner, upon graduation/certification.   Those are the “Fortunate Few”.

Most jobs, even entry-level jobs, in whatever field — Banking,  Computers, Law, even Diesel Mechanics! — want some level of EXPERIENCE in the field.

JFAMC’s  ‘area of interest’ is MEDICAL CODING JOBS, and the ‘Entry Level Market’ in the Medical Coding/HIM Field is TOUGH and getting TOUGHER!   

While there have been and continue to be a plethora of ‘open jobs and positions’ in the Medical Coding field,  the majority of the ‘open, available’ jobs are dependent upon extensive experience and even multiple credentials within a specific specialty. 

Remote, work-at-home jobs are in high demand from Job Seekers.  However, even that area of the Medical Coding field is trending towards stricter ‘managerial control’.

Previously,  Remote Workers could frequently ‘work a very flexible schedule’, as long as they met the week’s quota or clocked 40 hours a week! 

That is changing, rapidly.

Many employers with a Remote Work Force, now require a set schedule of     8-5/M-F   or   7-4/M-F.    Some will still allow a 10 – hour workday resulting in a 4-day workweek.    However, a lot of the ‘flexibility’ has disappeared.

By and large, the order of precedence in terms of importance when seeking a job in the Medical Coding Field, seems to be:

  • AGE


AGE seems to be the biggest concern on the part of ‘Job-Changers’;  however, in actuality,  EXPERIENCE or ‘lack thereof’, seems to be the Biggest Challenge of all.  

Additionally, it is very easy to get ‘pigeon-holed’ in a specialty. The more ‘diverse’ you can become, in terms of specialties and different forms of coding, the more marketable you will be when/if you are ever in or re-enter the Job Market. 

Some people think that if they get the Credential/Certification, in a specific specialty, that will open the door. 

Sometimes, it does; but NOT ALWAYS

Just having a Certification/Credential without the requisite individual Experience in the specialty doesn’t demonstrate hands-on mastery of the specialty. 

BUT, Wait! 



While you’re in school, try to get on with a Billing Company or a small local practice; even a hospice center or nursing home.

Counties and even some churches sometimes have Community Indigent Care Clinics for low-income people and the homeless population. 

The Community Indigent Clinics are frequently staffed completely with VOLUNTEERS … from the Physicians to the cleaning staff and all positions in between. 

You won’t get ‘paid’ for the Volunteer Positions, but you can gain some valuable experience and make some incredible connections with Medical Professionals – both nurses and Providers.  

They may know of clinics/facilities/providers that need help. 

Make yourself indispensable. 

Be punctual.

Be reliable.

Prove your worth!

The providers and nurses will likely be happy to provide Letters of Reference when the time comes.

GOOD LUCK on your Journey!











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