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  • Here Is the Single Least Productive Thing You Still Make Your Employees Do February 25, 2020
    Numbers, numbers, everywhere — but one of the best lessons I've learned in my career is to stop reacting to every up and down in a metric. Stop trying to explain every data point that's off the average. Instead, it's more helpful to start looking at the bigger picture: performance over time. When we react […]
  • Appeal to Your Nobler Motives: The Fundamentals of Powerful Goal-Setting February 25, 2020
    Whether it's for your career, your business, or your life, something magical happens when you set a goal that you really want to achieve. It inspires you to become your best self. It focuses and releases your energy, and it directs your efforts in the direction of your dreams. But remember: It's essential that your […]
  • Don't Keep Your Candidates in the Dark: Adopting a Glass-Box Approach to Hiring Technology February 24, 2020
    Anyone who has applied for a job has spent part of the process waiting and worrying: Will I get the position? How am I being measured against other candidates? How will I decide if the company and role are the right fit for me? And there's a lot of time for all that worrying. The average […]
  • 5 Easy Ways to Improve the Recruiter-Hiring Manager Partnership February 24, 2020
    A truly effective hiring process has to be more than posting a job opening in as many locations as possible and praying the ideal candidate will see it. Sure, even a broken clock is right twice a day, but posting and praying is never the way to go. A hiring process needs to be consistent, compliant, and carefully […]
  • Managing Workplace Relationships in the #MeToo Era February 24, 2020
    In the midst of the #MeToo era, many employers find themselves fretting about all of the what-ifs of workplace romance. For some of these employers, the knee-jerk response has been to adopt rigid policies that simply prohibit all workplace relationships. Given the realities of workplace romance, is that really the best response? How Prevalent Are Workplace […]
  • True Profitability and Productivity Come From Striving for a Bigger Social Goal February 24, 2020
    In 2012, Hancock Lumber CEO Kevin Hancock was diagnosed with spasmodic dysphonia, a rare neurological speaking disorder that made communicating difficult. While Hancock initially considered the partial loss of his voice a hindrance, he eventually learned to see it as a possible gift, an invitation to lead differently and strengthen the voices of others. Hancock […]