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From Project Resume‘s Annie Barnaby:


“When I began the Project Resume, I was a medical coding hiring manager and recruiter reviewing resumes from so many coders who had endless potential. Unfortunately, that potential was impeded by resumes with poor grammar and spelling mistakes, and worse.

It  became clear that there was little guidance available to medical coders regarding career development and professionalism. I set out to fix that so I began Project Resume.  Contact me, let me see how I can help you at an affordable price you can live with.”

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  • How to Prepare for an Interview – Checklist October 4, 2021
    Many people feel unsure about how to prepare for an interview. It’s helpful to follow a checklist of actions to take, so here is one you can use. __ Clarify with the employer the format of the interview (in person, video, or phone).… Read more... “How to Prepare for an Interview – Checklist” The post […]
    Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D.
  • Job Search Coaching Success Stories April 19, 2021
    I appreciate job search coaching success stories because for many people, a job search is frustrating and demoralizing. During a job search, everything can change for the better after one conversation or connection, so a big part of job search coaching is encouraging job seekers not to give up.… Read more... “Job Search Coaching Success […]
    Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D.
  • How to Evaluate a Company Culture March 5, 2021
    One of the biggest disappointments for new hires is to feel the excitement of starting a new job slowly devolve into frustration as they realize that much of what they promised in the recruitment process about the company culture is not accurate.… Read more... “How to Evaluate a Company Culture” The post How to Evaluate […]
    Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D.
  • Tech Skills In Demand in Austin, TX January 24, 2021
    In 2020, CompTIA named Austin the hottest tech town in the U.S., so I asked some industry experts to tell me the top tech skills in demand in Austin, TX. Anjela Mangrum, founder and president of Mangrum Career Solutions said, “2020 has been a year of transformation, and it has indeed sped up the adaptation […]
    Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D.
  • Dallas Recruiters and Employment Agencies January 17, 2021
    I am not a recruiter, but I publish this list of Dallas recruiters and employment agencies as a convenience to visitors to this site. Inclusion here is not a recommendation. Please do your own research before working with one of these firms.… Read more... “Dallas Recruiters and Employment Agencies” The post Dallas Recruiters and Employment […]
    Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D.
  • Move Beyond Either-Or Thinking December 27, 2020
    When our minds and bodies experience stress, we can easily fall into a pattern of viewing our options as overly simplified “either-or” choices that are ultimately limiting and unsatisfying. You can tell that a choice is overly narrow if instead of feeling focused and relieved by deciding, you feel agitated, constricted, deprived, and/or unhappier.… Read […]
    Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D.
  • COVID-19 Series: Advice from Executive Recruiters July 23, 2020
    I asked executive recruiters and employers for their advice about how executives should job search during a pandemic. I asked each of them… What should executive job seekers do to attract your attention when there are so many unemployed executives? Do you rule out job seekers who have been unemployed for a specific amount of […]
    Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D.
  • Career Change Success Story: From Wildlife Biologist to Content Writer June 3, 2020
    Today’s career change success story features Lindsay VanSomeren. Lindsay is a wildlife biologist who did a career pivot into freelance content writing. I think you’ll be inspired by her. Lindsay, can you tell us about your earlier career and how you launched your new career focus?… Read more... “Career Change Success Story: From Wildlife Biologist […]
    Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D.
  • COVID-19 Series: Resources to Find Help April 2, 2020
    COVID-19 is threatening our physical, emotional, and financial well-being. Here are resources to find help: Affordable Therapy – Resources collected by Fast Company. American Psychiatric Association – Resources for mental health. Career Sherpa’s COVID-19 Influenced Resources Job Postings & Candidate Lists – Resources for anyone whose employment was affected by COVID-19.… Read more... “COVID-19 Series: […]
    Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D.
  • COVID-19 Series: How to Find a Remote Job March 26, 2020
    Two things are certain during the fight against COVID-19: (1) Many people will want to know how to find a remote job, and (2) More employers will become accepting of remote employment. During a pandemic like COVID-19, the more people who work from home, the slower the rate of infection.… Read more... “COVID-19 Series: How […]
    Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D.

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  • 3 Ways to Leverage Automation in Your Recruitment Process to Boost Efficiency October 21, 2021
    Today, automation technology is transforming the talent acquisition landscape at a rapid pace. Hubspot's recent "Recruiting Automation Trends" report states that close to 75% of recruiters
  • How to Write an Effective Job Posting to Attract the Best Candidates October 20, 2021
    In the United States, there are 10 million job openings, but only 8.6 million people are unemployed. That means that there are 1 million more job openings than available people to fill them. With so many job postings out there and not enough people to fill them, employers are wondering how to attract job seekers […]
  • 4 Talent Acquisition Challenges in 2022 + How to Overcome Them October 19, 2021
    An increasingly complex consumer base, a highly volatile economy, and a pandemic forced businesses to reevaluate their strategies and operating models. Human resources management has emerged in this phase of soaring uncertainty as one of the most critical functions because, now, hiring the right candidate has never been more urgent.  Now, job seekers with diverse […]
  • How to Find a Recruiter That is the Right Fit for Your Company October 18, 2021
    Finding suitable candidates for a company is getting more daunting for a hiring manager since unemployment rates in the United States are at a  50-year low, and good talent doesn't stay on the market for long. These unprecedented times are the reason why you need a good recruiter ...
  • 7 Easy Ways to Speed Up the Recruitment Process October 15, 2021
    According to research from Glassdoor, the average hiring process in the United States takes about 22.9 days.  However, this time may not be fast enough for some companies that need to recruit candidates quickly to fill job vacancies.  If you need to find ways to speed up your recruitment process, ...
  • 3 Great Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) October 14, 2021
    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is still a new concept for a lot of companies.  While some companies still don't realize that there are endless options in the market today that can help them improve their recruiting process, others are far too adamant about sticking with conventional solutions because that's the way they have always done […]