Want to network effectively IN PERSON?


1. Have a concrete reason for wanting to meet somebody. 

2. Dress appropriately for the situation/venue. 

3. Smile. 

4. Listen, and ask questions to show genuine interest in developing a real connection. 

5. Be yourself. 

6. Don’t hard sell. 

7. Introduce yourself by stating what you do professionally and who you are as a person. 

8. Be curious. 

9. Don’t just ask for help; suggest how you can help in return. 

10. If attending a networking event, review the list of attendees in advance and set a goal to meet at least two relevant people. 

11. If you are nervous in large social gatherings take a friend. 

12. Take a business card, and a copy of your resume (if relevant). 

13. Follow up with a THANK YOU!  Perhaps, include an Industry Article that’s relevant to one of the topics you and this person discussed. 

14.  Don’t let Networking, that benefits you, be the ‘only reason’ you ever contact them!  Be a friend!  Share relevant articles or other authoritative references on relevant topics with them to bolster your friendship/connection with them.  Find out when birthdays and anniversaries are; acknowledge them.  Send a congratulatory note on promotions, etc.   

Networking in person is not unlike blind dating.

First impressions count and can linger, for better or for worse!

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