IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE! How Much Attention does a Recruiter give Your Resume, Initially?

Is it true that some recruiters reject a resume in 6 seconds?  Recruiters actually reject resumes very quickly for reasons beyond being unqualified. Here are 5 things recruiters sometimes make snap decisions on that you may not realize. Snap decision 1:  Your graduation year If you think they will believe you to be too young…
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TIPS from a Recruiter’s Perspective!

SOME EXPERIENCES of a RECRUITER! We’ve all heard of people who have applied for jobs without the ‘requested credential’ or the ‘requested amount of experience’!   Some have taken the job and done quite well. It happens–not as ‘frequently’ as you may have been led to believe–but it does happen! The Recruiters WANT to help you! …
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JFAMC — TIP of the DAY — #28

JFAMC  TIP of the DAY (from a long-time JFAMily group member!) “Good morning, Job Seekers! This (JOBS for American Medical Coders FB group) is a wonderful site for finding job posts! And it is also a wonderful resource for job hunting tips! There have been hints that some who are new to searching for jobs…
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JFAMC — TIP of the DAY — #21

JFAMC — TIP of the DAY When sending your resume in a Word Doc as an application for a position……label your word doc. EXAMPLE:   Your.NameCPC–resume–2018 This helps a hiring manager or a recruiter SO MUCH when they  go back to find a specific resume of 500 they may have saved. Labeling it as RESUME-2018.doc is…
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JFAMC — TIP of the DAY — #20

JFAMC — TIP of the DAY … from a Job Reviewer’s comment in the Main FB group …  Just a friendly reminder and a tip for job hunters. I’ve been screening resumes and doing the initial interview for a position at our company for the past month. I know everyone is aware of this already…
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JFAMC — TIP of the DAY #8

JFAMC Tip of the Day   ****RESUME TIP**** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Put your credentials next to your name. EXAMPLE: FirstLastName, LPN, RHIT, CPC, CCS, CRC. (What ever is appropriate for your situation!)

INTERVIEW TIP: Have a ‘career plan’

Be prepared to talk about your future. Whether the job you’re applying for is the dream job you want to have for the rest of your life or it’s a short stopover to another role, having a career plan is important. I don’t know that organizations are as focused on the plan itself, but they…
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WORDS HAVE POWER–Retool Your RESUME with these Words!

Your resume is the first thing HR looks at, and unfortunately, you don’t get a chance to talk to them or show them who you are as a person before the interview. All you have are the words on the page. Which is why it’s so important to make sure you use the right ones.…
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The ‘dreaded’ COVER LETTER!

Cover letters are a bonus! Some people will say that cover letters are dead; but they can serve a purpose. Cover letters allow candidates to explain things that wouldn’t typically be found in a resume.   Consider them a ‘place’ to expand information on a certain topic!   Be brief!   Your cover letter should probably be concise and…
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RESUME TIP — Suggested Length of Your Resume

Nothing longer than a two-page resume. There are many schools of thought about resumes. Think about your resume as a summary of your experience…a ‘snapshot’ of your education, experience and skills, if you will.    If you’re starting your career, then chances are a one-page resume is fine. If you’re further along in your career,…
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