We’re seeing a LOT of anxiety and angst over LAY-OFFS and jobs going overseas!!

It’s a Scary Thought and it’s a situation that is definitely NOT conducive to a consistently LOW BLOOD PRESSURE READING for most of us!

Has ANYONE HERE thought about how the Actions and Re-Actions of U S workers  may ‘factor into’ the decisions these companies make to ‘off-shore’??

Some of the companies who provide Off-Shore/Foreign Employees BOAST of the fact that they have Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists and other clinically-trained personnel who are also Certified Coders.

Additionally, they can offer ‘quick’ turn-around times for US Facilities/Providers.  Due to Time Zone Differences, employees in S.E. Asia are working while Americans are sleeping.

Because of the lack of jobs in their countries, in many cases, these clinically-trained employees are PROFESSIONAL, and MOTIVATED to work;  AND they are working for much less per hour than US employees demand!  And they’re ‘thankful’ to get the work!

I was speaking with a Coding Manager recently.  They recounted problems they encounter when trying to schedule meetings and training sessions with their ‘Remote Coding Staff’.

The Coding Manager calls a meeting of her team.   WHEN/IF the Remote Coders show up to the meeting, there are likely to be dogs barking in the background, or music playing, or kids screaming.  Not a PROFESSIONAL way to ‘come to a meeting’!!  This Manager was SO FRUSTRATED, they would have gladly OUT-SOURCED the entire department that day!

I’ve been in some of those kinds of meetings, on-line, where there is so much distraction, that NO ONE can get anything out of the meeting…… It’s INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING, for the participants and the organizers!!!

USA CODERS and Employees can do a lot to combat their jobs being off-shored simply by BEING PROFESSIONAL.

1) SHOW UP when you’re scheduled!

2) Conduct yourself in a PROFESSIONAL  Manner!  Be PROMPT!

3) Do your job without whining, and demanding ‘special privileges’.

4) When you’re scheduled to work…BE THERE!!   BE PUNCTUAL!

5) Mute your phone so background noises aren’t so annoying!

6) Better yet!  Get the ‘background noises/distractions’ OUT while you’re
on a call!

YES!  We all know that ‘LIFE HAPPENS’… and ‘Work/Life’ Balance is important!

But some things could/should be re-scheduled. The JOB needs to ‘come first’ the majority of the time!!

If YOU, the Employee can’t be bothered to PUT THE JOB FIRST,  do you then have the right to complain when the company takes their jobs elsewhere, and employs people who WILL PUT THE JOB FIRST?

I see people in the Social Media Coding Groups all the time, who post things such as:

‘I HAVE to have a REMOTE JOB!

a)  I have children!

b) a ‘retired spouse’
c) ‘horses’

d) I live 60 miles from the nearest town

…or whatever UNIQUE Circumstance the can come up with!

One person actually told me that she HAD TO WORK REMOTE because, and I quite, she ‘had chickens”!!

[ I have NO IDEA how ‘chickens’ came to be a ‘remote requirement’ … but that’s what she said!’ ]

When you were working at the DQ or WalMart or the local pickle factory, WERE YOU REMOTE THEN??

What makes you think that you can DEMAND an accommodation as to location of a job when you’re simply APPLYING and LOOKING!   You’ve done NOTHING at this point, that demonstrates any value to the prospective employer.

Many Employers still consider REMOTE Opportunities as a PERK, possibly even a REWARD!  MANY employers will not and do not allow an employee to GO REMOTE, until they have PROVEN their Accuracy and Productivity, as well as their Proficiency on the Employer’s/Client’s Software.

American Workers have INTELLIGENCE, TALENT, SKILL and, sadly, more than their fair share of ARROGANCE!

The American Worker has become increasingly COMPLACENT, FAT, LAZY and has a seemingly ingrained and quite UN-Attractive ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY that isn’t found in most parts of the world!!


When a Company, Facility or a Client is looking for Workers … they’re seeking an employee that can help fill the needs/requirements of the project they’re seeking to complete.

IF the job works well with your schedule/needs  …  TERRIFIC!

However, your needs’ ARE NOT the primary reason these employers are looking to fill slots!!!

When the Job Seeker imposes SO MANY CONDITIONS on a job hunt…

…I MUST work remote.

…I MUST have a flexible schedule.

…I MUST have $35/hr.

…I MUST have ‘company-issued equipment’.

…I MUST have a company-issued Fluorescent Rainbow Pen!

EVENTUALLY — your ‘demands’ are going to ‘out-weigh’ your usefulness to the prospective employer!

They’re looking for someone to fill their needs  …  Not the other way around!


DO YOU offer to work overtime when deadlines are approaching…OR do you ‘whine’ when OT is mandated?

DO YOU make yourself INDISPENSABLE to your employer?

DO YOU go out of your way to LEARN what needs to be learned to do your job to the BEST of your ability?

DO YOU show up for work at your job, on time and ready to work?  Are you PUNCTUAL?

DO YOU practice PROFESSIONALISM at your place of business;  particularly and especially with clients and providers?

DO YOU keep ‘up-to-date’ on new technologies and new software so that you are an ASSET to your employer rather than a liability?

DO YOU follow instructions the employer puts forth without ‘whining’?

DO YOU provide value to your Employer with a minimum of drama.

Are YOU doing ALL YOU CAN to encourage Employers to keep Jobs in the USA??



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