‘Head’s Up’ from Cyndee Weston of AMERICAN MEDICAL BILLERS ASSN. (AMBA)


A new AAPC Training Facility in India – apparently sanctioned by AAPC. Selling Code books for $10 and they were offering the CPC Prep Course for 11,000 rupees, which is $171. Now they’ve taken down the price, but on their FB, it says 36,000 rupees, which is around $550 Their website says:

First AAPC approved training center in Tamilnadu.
100% AAPC Curriculam.
100% placement assistance.
Exam fees-2 attempts.
80% attendance must.
100% job oriented training.

The company is Skyline Medical Coding. They now have 9 offshore places they are training in.

It is disheartening that American Associations are helping people in other countries steal our jobs. And how many of you have seen posts from others in foreign countries seeking answers on how to do something from us after taking our work?

Happens all the time.

Very disappointing.

I know I paid $50 each for the 4 practice exams and around $100 for my code book. There was a post over the weekend on AAPC regarding a big employer that is now going to outsource their coding. The post had a lot of negative feedback, so AAPC turned off commenting.

Last year I posted about Eli’s offshore billing company who called me trying to market their offshore services and it stirred up a Sh*tstorm.

I know the mentality is, they’re going to get trained from someone, why not us, but in my mind, AHIMA and AAPC and other organizations are training people in other countries to take our work. AND, they are charging Americans a whole lot more money so these offshore companies can charge a lot less. Let them at least pay what we pay or not be certified.

Why should we subsidize their theft of our jobs????


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