With the advent of EMR’s as advocated and enabled by HIPAA legislation, Off-Shoring has become a phenomenon that is growing in size and scope to the point that it threatens to en-gulf Medical Coding, as it has Medical Transcription.

As Medical Coders, we KNOW that our jobs are evaporating and our PHI and PII are at risk. We also KNOW that Identity Theft is on the rise.

This is a forum where you can post ‘published’ documents. We need to compile Documented Proof(s) of actual, verifiable instances of Off-Shoring and Identity Theft.

As documents are posted, we encourage you to comment and give instances of Off-Shoring Instances and Identity Theft instances, Data Breaches, etc. The connections are obvious… but in order to be taken seriously, WE NEED PROOF!

THANK YOU ALL for your input and cooperation!

Calling All American-based Medical Coders and Medical Billers

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How much does YOUR CEO make???

This is ALL Public Information! Becker’s Hospital Review: 20 highest paid healthcare CEOs of S&P 500 companies *** Becker’s Hospital Review:  17 of the highest-paid CEOs in healthcare *** FierceHealthcare: Health insurance CEOs earned $342.6M in 2017...

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Tenet Healthcare to Offshore

By Jacqueline LaPointe January 15, 2019  The country’s largest for-profit hospital system is looking to significantly expand their offshore healthcare workforce in the next year or two. Local news source Dallas News recently reported that the large hospital system is...

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We’re seeing a LOT of anxiety and angst over LAY-OFFS and jobs going overseas!! It’s a Scary Thought and it’s a situation that is definitely NOT conducive to a consistently LOW BLOOD PRESSURE READING for most of us! Has ANYONE HERE thought about how the Actions...

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IS IT LEGIT or IS IT A SCAM??   HOW can you tell if a job offer is real? HOW can you tell if a company is GLOBAL (located in various foreign countries) or NATIONAL (primarily located inside the USA)? MOST of the Coding Companies we allow on the JOBS for American...

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Partners Healthcare to Offshore

Partners HealthCare will outsource some expensive, back-office jobs to India   By Liz Kowalczyk and Priyanka Dayal McCluskey  GLOBE STAFF   FEBRUARY 20, 2018 “Partners HealthCare, the largest private employer in Massachusetts, has told about 100 employees they...

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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ‘Head’s Up’ from Cyndee Weston of AMERICAN MEDICAL BILLERS ASSN. (AMBA) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A new AAPC Training Facility in India – apparently...

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Offshore Petition Drive

Make your voice heard. Stop U.S. entities from sending Protected Health Information (PHI) overseas! “HIPAA was enacted to protect patient’s private healthcare records. As of now, there are no laws on the books that prevent U.S. entities such as doctors,...

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HIPAA Laws Unenforceable OFFSHORE!

This is an older article from 2013, but we need to really look at the implications this article states.  This paragraph sticks out: “With the passage of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and the Department of Health...

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Medical Identity Theft

To protect ourselves from Medical Identity Theft, the FTC has given us a link with some useful ideas. Ask yourself this:  HOW is our Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) getting “out there”?  Between data breaches and the sending of our financial and...

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OFF-SHORING  versus  OUT-SOURCING! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Many people use these terms interchangeably;  however, there are SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCES!! A key buzz word in the business world for years has been **outsourcing**, and specifically the upsides and...

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False Security: HIPAA OFF USA SOIL

Are USA-based hospitals, vendors and physicians being lulled into a false sense of security? Per the HIPAA laws, if these entities enter into an agreement with an offshore entity to handle Protected Health Information (think Medical Coding and Medical Billing), they...

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Equifax-More Data Breaches

143 MILLION CONSUMERS are affected by the latest of data breaches that contains our entire financial history.  Equifax, one of the “big three” credit reporting black lists, excuse me, bureaus reported their breach which includes MEDICAL and FINANCIAL...

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Possible Scam

SITUATION: A company, advertising for students/new coders, has sent a check to a person to ‘purchase equipment or software’. ******NOT GOOD! RUN, like a scalded dog! Comments: This is a scam. They know that you are hopeful for a remote position while finishing school!...

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The Growing Problem of Medical Identity Theft

Medical Identity Theft is on the rise since the rise of use of the electronic healthcare records systems (2009) and the implementation of ACA aka: Obamacare.  One can’t help but wonder what’s on the horizon waiting for us as offshoring personal information...

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Did you see this one? DOJ, what do you say to this?  We’d really like to know! ‘Healthcare organizations rely on offshore vendors for an array of services, including medical transcription, radiology readings, billing and clinical decision support. Should a...

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OIG Study

The OIG: Offshore Outsourcing of Administrative Functions by State Medicaid Agencies  “WHAT WE FOUND Only 15 of 56 Medicaid agencies have some form of State-specific requirement that addresses the outsourcing of administrative functions offshore. The remaining...

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