JOB-HUNTING — Two Sides of the Coin

JOB-HUNTING — Two Sides of the Coin


We’ve all heard of people who have applied for jobs without the ‘requested credential’!   Some have taken the job and done quite well.

It may ‘happen’ because of WHO YOU KNOW!   Someone within the clinic or facility that can help you get the interview or put in a good word for you.

It happens — not as ‘frequently’ as you may have been led to believe — but it does happen!

Then, there’s the  ‘Other Side of the Coin’. 

You apply via a Recruiter, either with a Coding Company or an Employment Agency.

The Recruiters WANT to help you!

They would LOVE to place every single newly credentialed/minimally experienced coder that sends a resume to their e-mail address.

HOWEVER!  The Recruiter is ‘bound by’ the terms of the contract their company and the client have signed.  The CLIENT, (the one who’s paying the bills), can specify WHAT they want, HOW MANY they want, and any other requirements they care to add to the specifics.   No one may ‘understand’ all the requirements…but that doesn’t negate the fact that the requirements are there and must be met!

When a job advertisements requests/requires a specific license such as RN (license) or a specific credential such as CCS/RHIT or requires a specific amount of experience in a specific specialty, such as 3+ years of IP/DRG Validation experience; don’t be surprised when your resume proudly proclaiming your CPC, CEMC and two years of HCC experience gets your resume promptly ’round-filed’!

Frequently, if the position REQUIRES a ‘licensed professional’, RN, LPN, LVN, for example, there may be ‘state regulations’ or other rules that govern who can be hired for that particular position.   In that type of instance,  there’s NO NEED for the recruiters to even discuss a position with someone who doesn’t hold that particular specified license!

Clients pay the bills.  They put their requirements into a ‘contract’ with the people looking for coders, and they frequently have VERY SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS.   Sometimes they have ‘preferences’ and they spell those out as well.  At the ‘end of the day’…the CLIENT calls the shots!



PREFER:   RN, BSN with AHIMA Coding Credentials (NOT a CCA)

REQUIRE:  minimum of CCS and/or RHIT credentials w/2-3 years hands-on experience/IP/Trauma Surgery experience


The Client would LOVE to have a RN, BSN, CCS, RHIT with 2-3 years of hands-on experience/IP/Trauma Surgery experience. That’s their PREFERENCE.

The REQUIREMENT is that the applicant MUST HAVE a minimum of a CCS/RHIT plus 2-3 years hands-on IP/Trauma Surgery Experience.  The recruiter is BOUND by what the ‘contract with the CLIENT’ spells out.

The recruiter may have a hard time finding the exact candidate as defined by the client, however, depending on the client, they may or may not be able to submit a resume demonstrating LESS than the required requirements.

In many cases, the Recruiter has ZERO ‘wiggle-room’ when it comes to fulfilling the Client’s Requirements!   Sometimes, clients will budge a bit…but in some cases, the applicant wants more ‘budging’ than the client or the recruiter can accommodate.


HCC experience is great at getting a coder some hands-on experience; and it’s a great and growing specialty.   It DOES NOT equate, in terms of experience, however, to IP/DRG Validation experience, or Trauma Surgery experience or even Oncology or OB/GYN.

PLEASE do not insult your recruiter by applying to ads that REQUIRE  credentials of CCS, CDIS, RHIT, when you hold a CPC-A or a CRC or a CCA.


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