Month: December 2019

IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE! How Much Attention does a Recruiter give Your Resume, Initially?

Is it true that some recruiters reject a resume in 6 seconds?  Recruiters actually reject resumes very quickly for reasons beyond being unqualified. Here are 5 things recruiters sometimes make snap decisions on that you may not realize. Snap decision 1:  Your graduation year If you think they will believe you to be too young…
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TEMP AGENCIES are Your Friend!

Temporary Employment Agencies are good places to find your FIRST JOB in any industry.  Temp Agencies offer a great deal of FLEXIBILITY for both the Employer and for the Employee. The Employer isn’t making an immediate long-term commitment, so may be more inclined to hire someone without massive amounts of experience.  Likewise, the Employee, in…
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Can you get a job in the Medical Coding field, with a Brand-New Certification and very little Experience?   YES!  You Can! There are individual instances of people, in whatever field, getting jobs IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner, upon graduation/certification.   Those are the “Fortunate Few”. Most jobs, even entry-level jobs, in whatever field — Banking,  Computers, Law,…
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