Month: April 2018


  JFAMC  —  Tip of the Day — #1 KNOW YOUR GUIDELINES! …Inside OUT…Outside IN…Upside DOWN…Downside UP!!! If you code RADIOLOGY … KNOW the Guidelines that pertain to Radiology! If you code ER … KNOW the Guidelines that pertain to ER! ETC.  

Radiology Coding Jobs ….. 04.26.18

RADIOLOGY CODING JOBS……..04.26.2018   LOCATION:  Phoenix, AZ ~ LOCATION:   Delaware, OH ~ LOCATION:   St. Louis, MO ~ LOCATION:   South Lake Tahoe, CA. ~  

4 TIPS for Getting a Promotion

Get Your Dream Promotion with These Quick Tips Getting a promotion isn’t easy. There are only so many upper level positions, and competition is fierce. It’s important to be ready when those openings arise. How? By being prepared. Earning the right to ask for a promotion isn’t a question of tenure or age—it’s a byproduct…
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Dictionaries—(Free & Lo-Cost)

Dictionary: ~ Medical Dictionary: ~ Synonyms: ~ Thesaurus: ~ Pharmaceuticals: ~ MedLexicon: ~


DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF! Finding your FIRST JOB in the  Health Information Management field is CHALLENGING, to say the least! The more ‘qualifiers’ you impose on your Job Search, the harder it’s going to be to find a job! Some of the QUALIFIERS we hear frequently: I can ONLY WORK REMOTE! (you’ve just cut yourself out of…
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On-line resources — (free/lo-cost)

American Medical Association: Books & Assorted Resources: AAPC:              AHIMA:          AMA:               Decision Health: Optum 360:    …
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DIAGNOSIS CODES (free and lo-cost resources)

Diagnosis Codes:   Encoder (w/free trial):   Encoder (not free–moderately priced):  

QUESTIONS to ask BEFORE you accept a Job Offer!

You just received an OFFER for a Job!! CONGRATULATIONS on such great news! You would love to say yes but you still feel a bit unsure. Before you make a decision about accepting a job offer, here are some questions you should ask yourself. How much you like what you do frequently plays a bigger…
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INTERVIEWS: Proving You’re a Team Player

INTERVIEWS: Proving You’re a Team Player ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You’re the perfect job candidate. Your resume is chock full of keywords and metrics showing you know what you’re doing. Perhaps you’ve increased ROI by 40%, averaged seventy words-per-minute, or mastered a certain software program. These are all hard skills, abilities and experiences you may frequently see as job requirements.…
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Be AWARE of the CULTURE in the Company

ONE MORE THING that companies have said they were looking for in candidates. That’s an awareness of culture. Both in terms of individual and organizational culture. Sometimes the culture is dependent on the Organization.  Sometimes its dependent on the geographic area. Organizations want to know that candidates are going to be able to assimilate to…
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