Month: March 2018

INTERVIEW TIP: Relate your experiences to the job & the organization.

Relate your experiences to the job and the organization. It’s usually okay if you haven’t held the ‘exact’ same job in the past. If that’s the case, be prepared to show and tell examples of your work. What skills do you have that can ‘transfer’ to a new situation? Are you detail oriented? Are you…
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INTERVIEW TIP: Understand the Job

Understand the job. Review the position description.  Make note of any ‘key words’ in the description.    Do a few internet searches for that job title and see what comes up. EXAMPLE:   If you’re applying for a position in a General Surgeon’s office, be prepared to discuss Upper and Lower Endoscopies, from a Coding and…
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  MEDICAL BILLING JOBS……03.29.2018 ~ Medical Biller/AR Counselor – Gainesville, FL. ~ Medical Billing Analyst – Holyoke, MA ~ Medical Billing Specialist  —  Cambridge, MA. ~ Medical Billing Clerk  —  Vermillion, OH ~ Medical Biller/AR Representative —  Arlington, VA ~ Medical Biller – Buffalo, NY ~ Medical Billing…
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REMOTE JOBS — 03.29.2018

REMOTE JOBS —  03.29.2018   Registry Data Abstractor  —  REMOTE ~ Certified Professional Coder – CPC or CPC-A – REMOTE after probationary period ~ HIM HOSPITAL CODER ~ HIM CODER ANALYST III   —  (Remote with the State of Texas) ~ OUTPATIENT CODER —  REMOTE    

INTERVIEW TIP: Research the Company!

Research the company, facility, clinic. Check out their website.  Read the  ‘ABOUT’ tab, if there is one! At minimum, know what the company/facility does. For example, if you will be speaking to a Coding Company, do they ‘consult and audit’ or do they do the ‘actual ‘hands-on’ coding in an ‘out-sourced’ manner’?  Do they provide…
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REMOTE JOBS — 03.28.2018

  REMOTE JOBS  —  03.28.2018   Remote Medical Coder ~ Remote OutPatient Medical Coder ~ Remote InPatient Facility/Fee PTF Medical Coder ~ Remote Medical Coder ~ Medical Coding Specialist – Remote ~ Pro Fee Medical Coder – Cardiology – Navigant – Remote ~ Medical Coder & Researcher – Thornton,…
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#1 TIP:    BREATHE!!! Others have successfully accomplished this……YOU. CAN. TOO!   BEFORE THE EXAM: STUDY!   STUDY!   STUDY! Studying alone may work best for you!  Many people find that a Study Group or a Study Buddy is helpful!  Try several methods and see which works best for you! PRACTICE!  … then PRACTICE some more! Practice Exams…
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REMOTE JOB POSTS — 03.27.2018

REMOTE JOB POSTS    —    03.27.2018   REMOTE MEDICAL CODING SPECIALIST ~ Coder Rehab HIM Health Information Management Remote ~ QM Clinical Reviewer – Remote ~ SPEC, CDI RN – Remote ~            

The ‘dreaded’ COVER LETTER!

Cover letters are a bonus! Some people will say that cover letters are dead; but they can serve a purpose. Cover letters allow candidates to explain things that wouldn’t typically be found in a resume.   Consider them a ‘place’ to expand information on a certain topic!   Be brief!   Your cover letter should probably be concise and…
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INTERVIEW TIP: How to answer the ‘Tell me about yourself’ question

Tell your story. One of the most common interview questions is the “Tell me a little about yourself.” This is the first impression that the recruiter will have of you. Think about what you want to say.  Practice ahead of time! Having an interesting and authentic story will help people remember you.