Month: December 2017

False Security: HIPAA OFF USA SOIL

Are USA-based hospitals, vendors and physicians being lulled into a false sense of security? Per the HIPAA laws, if these entities enter into an agreement with an offshore entity to handle Protected Health Information (think Medical Coding and Medical Billing), they sign a Business Associate’s Agreement.  Fair enough. However, if a USA-based entity finds themselves…
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JFAMC — Job Tip

N.E.C. codes are not payable with Humana, as a General Rule!

JFAMC — Employment – Tip

Everyone must start somewhere. …….REMOTE/HOME may not be the ‘best’ place to begin!

JFAMC — Employment Tip

Not EVERY Certification and/or Credential is worth the time/money/effort! CHOOSE WISELY! ******Contact Facilities and/or Large Clinics in the Geographical Area where you plan to seek employment.  ASK the Human Resources Office or the Health Information Office which Credentials/Certifications they prefer! Then you have the information with to make an ‘informed choice’!

JFAMC — Interview Tip


JFAMC — Job Tip

IF you don’t KNOW or the Documentation isn’t ‘clear’…….QUERY!!! ~~~NEVER GUESS and/or ASSUME!

JFAMC — Job Tip

GUIDELINES…. ……READ THEM…daily, if necessary! ……ABSORB THEM… ……READ THEM, AGAIN! KNOW YOUR GUIDELINES… —–UPSIDE DOWN —– INSIDE OUT —– BACKWARDS and FORWARDS! This is ESSENTIAL for passing your Credentialing Exams. It’s equally as important for Day-to-Day Coding!!! GUIDELINES  ARE  IMPORTANT!!!   

What FACTORS affect getting hired as a CODER?

What FACTORS  affect getting hired as a Coder?   1) EXPERIENCE:   Frequently, the hardest component to acquire;  yet                  ostensibly THE MOST IMPORTANT!     Persistence  and Perseverance  are key! (I know of NO EASY ANSWERS to circumvent this one!)   2) EDUCATION:  More and more important as time goes on!  What…
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A Day in the Life of a Scribe Training Specialist 

A Day in the Life of a Scribe Training Specialist  …By:  Dawn Cox, AS  While many may believe that Training Specialist’s jobs must be easy, this thought can be misleading. We offer a service to those who are wishing to break into the HIM field by way of entry level positions. More than that though, we provide the education needed in…
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Pay Attention to the Directions

FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! Until YOU are in a position where you are ‘authorized’ to MAKE the RULES……then you need to FOLLOW the RULES to a ‘tee’! I’ve had more notifications from Hiring Managers who are simply ‘discarding’ any and all applications/resumes given by people who DO NOT FOLLOW the Directions/Instructions!! As one Hiring Manager told me….”I…
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