Month: November 2017

AHIMA vs AAPC vs All the Rest

CCS vs CPC   (Ahima v AAPC)  vs  ALL THE REST   You do not need a degree to become a CPC or a CCS! RHIT and RHIA licensure does require 2 and 4 year degrees, respectively! AHIMA CERTIFICATION CANDIDATE GUIDE   Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) “““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““ CCSs are professionals skilled in classifying medical data from…
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JOB HUNTING & INTERVIEW TIPS Have/create a PROFESSIONAL e-mail address for your resume and job applications. ( is INFINITELY BETTER THAN——- —– ( OR Have your Resume — Current and Up-Dated. A.) List your Credentials in a PROMINENT place. (some recruiters have suggested you include your Cert#… (‘your call’) B.) List the ‘type’ of…
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RANDOM RAMBLINGS!! 1)  Everyone doesn’t necessarily pass their Credentialing Exams THE FIRST TIME!! KUDOS to those who do! Those who pass on the Second…Third…Fourth…even the Fifth Attempt are JUST as Deserving of Recognition and Respect, due to their PERSEVERANCE, if for no other reason!   2)  Availability of CODING JOBS tend to go in CYCLES!…
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JOB SEARCH RESOURCES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to find job search help — – Best places to network — – JOBS for AMERICAN Medical Coders FB group(s) —… – LinkedIN — – – – – – –   — (job board) –— (job board) –…
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CANCER and TRAUMA REGISTRAR links and information

   CANCER REGISTRAR & TRAUMA REGISTRAR links & information   NCRA —   NCRA FB group —   ATS    —   CSTR —   CAISS —               Compiled by Pam Kulczar, CPC, CCP, PCS, CPEDCS, CDIC           OAMC, LLC

Keep Your Resume Updated

Keep your resume ‘up-dated’ and in Tip-Top shape. You never know when a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY will present itself….and you WANT to be ready! PREPARATION is KEY to SUCCESS!!!

1099 — PROS/CONS

1099  —  (PROS & CONS) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PROS Work your own hours – more autonomy in many cases. Work as many 1099 contracts as you want. May pay a bit more than W2 Tax Write-Offs — tax write offs depending on which form of deduction you use; you can usually write off up to 300 sq…
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A DAY in the LIFE of a SPECIALTY CODER – Cardio, EP, CardioThoracic

(name withheld at the request of the author) I code for Cardiology, Electrophysiology and Cardiothoracic surgery. I work from home a few days a week and go to the clinic one day. I was coding FP/IM for 6-months when I was told that I need to start learning EP. The providers were helpful, however, there…
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A Typical Workday in my Life as an Inpatient Coder Alyssa J. Keeley, CCS, CPC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A little background: I’ve been coding (facility) since early 2010 and although I learned to code all types of hospital charts, I fell in love with inpatient coding from the get go. I currently work full time as a…
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What Does It MEAN to be a MEDICAL CODER?

This post is a Bit Different!  It is a Compilation of a couple of long threads from the main JFAMC FB group!  The COMMENTS on BOTH of these posts that follow…are EDITED…  ~~~~ What Does It MEAN to be a MEDICAL CODER? ——Leslie LeBrun Johnson… I’ll apologize right now if this rant comes across a little…
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