Month: September 2017

Linked-In Response “No Thanks!”

A friendly note to all candidates on or off the market: If you are approached by Recruiters on LinkedIn via InMail, It is highly recommended to not decline messages outright using the “No Thanks” quick response. By doing this, LinkedIn apparently cuts off the potential for future communication between you and that Recruiter. You may…
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Read VERY Carefully!

READ the job posts and job ads ‘Thoroughly and Carefully’. ‘Preferred’ and ‘Required’ are vastly different things! ~~~ You make a ‘much better’ impression on the Hiring Decider when you ask questions appropriate to the Job Listing!

Equifax-More Data Breaches

143 MILLION CONSUMERS are affected by the latest of data breaches that contains our entire financial history.  Equifax, one of the “big three” credit reporting black lists, excuse me, bureaus reported their breach which includes MEDICAL and FINANCIAL information. At least if based in the USA there might be some real enforcement and protection at…
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Spreadsheets Help!

Make a Spread Sheet to keep track of your Job Search! Headings, such as: Date| Company| Recruiter| Phone#|Email| App/Res Sent| etc | or other items that are important to ‘you’ to keep!

End of Fiscal Year Employment

When facilities are getting close to the end of their Fiscal Year, they frequently DO NOT HIRE until the new budget is ‘in place’. MANY facilities are facing year end deadlines of 08.31 or 09.30 or 12.31 and may well be holding up on any new hiring decisions until the new budgets are in place…
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Credentials On Your Resume

When creating your resumes, PLEASE put your credentials with your name! EXAMPLE: Ima Coder, CCS, CPC, CRC. 555.555.5555| imacoderCCS@domain(.)com ALSO: It’s a good idea to have that in the file name for your resume when you’re sending them out. HELPS TREMENDOUSLY for the people who are saving/sorting multiple resumes ie: ImaCoderCPC-resume.doc

A DAY in the LIFE of an ER Coder

A DAY in the LIFE of an ER CODER FOCUS ON THE CLINICAL PICTURE —(the hidden world of the Emergency Department) BY: Rik Salomon, CPC Before I proceed, allow me the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Rik Salomon, and I am a Coding Analyst for Carolinas Healthcare System in Charlotte, North Carolina. I…
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