Month: June 2017


More…TIPS/HINTS ….2 ——————————- Coding Companies/Employment Agencies Before you work with any Employment/Coding agency, find out what services you can expect and what will be expected of you. Make sure you ask whether it will cost you anything. For short-term contract work:  …ask about the pay rate,  …benefits,  …length of assignments. Also, let them know the…
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TIPS and HINTS ~~ a partial compilation TIPS and HINTS from the JFAMC group~~ ———————————————————————————————- LINKED-IN tip! A friendly note to all candidates on or off the market: IF you are approached by Recruiters on LinkedIn via InMail, It is highly recommended to not decline messages outright using the “No Thanks” quick response. By doing…
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I’ve seen some ‘angst’ regarding ‘Temp-to-Hire’ positions. Some of you may be unaware… Frequently, companies hire through a temporary employment agency in order to have the initial employee-screening done by the Temp agency. It also provides the company a ‘trial period’ to basically ‘try out’ the employee; determine if they are a ‘good fit’ for…
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“Benched” Coders

FYI… ——– MANY, if not MOST of the Coding Companies, large/small/well-known/obscure, have policies that allow a coder to be ‘BENCHED’ until a new project/contract comes along for which they are qualified! That policy IS NOT specific to any one company!!! It pays to BE AWARE that it CAN/MAY happen!!! **(the coder ALWAYS has to option…
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AAPC History

In Re AAPC, Inc., 277 B.R. 785 (Bankr. D. Utah 2002)United States Bankruptcy Court, D. UtahFiled: March 15th, 2002 Precedential Status: Precedential Citations: 277 B.R. 785 Docket Number: 19-21016 Judges: Glen E. Clark 277 B.R. 785 (2002)In re AAPC, INC., Debtor.United States of America, Plaintiff,v.AAPC, Inc., an active Utah corporation; AAPC, Inc., a dissolved Utah…
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