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JOB POST ~~ Feb, 2020


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JOB POST ~~ TEXAS … February, 2020

~~~USA CODERS ONLY!~~~ ~~~URGENT NEED!~~~   Multiple HCC Provider Educator positions in the following TEXAS cities: ⭐️Houston ⭐️Austin ⭐️Brownsville ⭐️Corpus Christi ⭐️San Antonio, ⭐️El Paso I have listed the basic[…]

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WSJ: Insurance Officials Pursue Control of Lindberg’s Firms

North Carolina insurance officials are seeking appointment of a temporary receiver to take control of hundreds of private companies owned by insurance executive Greg Lindberg, newly unsealed state court documents[…]

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IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE! How Much Attention does a Recruiter give Your Resume, Initially?

Is it true that some recruiters reject a resume in 6 seconds?  Recruiters actually reject resumes very quickly for reasons beyond being unqualified. Here are 5 things recruiters sometimes make[…]

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